Uniform Fund


Happy Holidays from Southview Band! 

Important Things to Plan for....

  • 1/9~ we'll kick off the Butterbraid/Sofo Fundraiser.  Go to the booster website for more information.
  • S&E Contest is Feb. 3.  If you're playing a solo, bring your accompanists' part in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! Must have them by Friday 1/12.
  • Accompanist Rehearsals will start shortly after we are back from break.  Make sure you schedule 2 practice sessions.  Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board.
    • Concert Band Soloists~ you're playing with Mrs. Clausius
    • Symphonic Band Soloists~ you're playing with Mrs. Maloney
  • PEP BAND requirements~ The 3rd quarter performance attendance grade includes attendance at 4 Pep Band Games.
    • This is a minimum of 3 nights.  Students can only use 1 of the double header games as their performance attendance requirement.
    • Instrumentation for games is important.  Smaller sections need to make sure that there somebody is at each game.  Minimum-2 snare drums, 2 bass drums, 1 tenor, 2 cymbals, 3 horns, 3 baritones, 3 trombones, 3 of each trumpet/clarinet/flute part, 2 Sousaphones, 2 tenor saxes.
    • If you've lost your music, the folder is in google classroom.  Just search for it.
  • Large Group Contest~ keep an eye on your email for a special note regarding volunteering for Large Group Contest.  This is a HUGE event and each band member and at least 1 band parent is REQUIRED to work one shift.  Students get 1 varsity letter point for each extra shift they work.  This event is only a success when we all help out!  It helps that we'll make a little money off the event too!


SVB, we have several extra flyers explaining our uniform campaign.  Please share the mailing addresses for 2 family or family friends who may consider making a donation!  This information will only be used for this mailing and then discarded.

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