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We can't wait to see you at Southview! 

We are excited to have your student join us in the Southview Band Program!


We want to make the transition for your student and you as smooth as possible. If you haven't taken a few minutes to explore our site and learn what we are about, please take a few minutes to do so. Make sure to check out our Band Boosters page and all of the great volunteer opportunities for you as a parent. Make sure to fill out a parent volunteer form, so we can help integrate you into our program!



Southview Band: Glossary of Terms

Auxiliary noun, 1. consists of flag line and majorettes. 2. provide additional movement, color, and showmanship to marching maneuvers.

Band Booster Association noun, 1. organization responsible for supporting Southview Band activities. 2. each parent/guardian of band members is members of the booster association. 3. responsibilities include volunteering for fundraising efforts for supporting band activities. 4. meetings are held monthly in the Southview Bandroom, all members are invited to attend.

Band Camp noun, 1. week long instructional time spent on campus of BGSU for students to learn marching technique, drill for pre-game and halftime shows, and rehearse/learn music for upcoming season. 2. a required event for all Southview Marching Band members.

Band Letter noun, 1. chenille letters to be worn on a letter jacket or displayed. 2. 2, 3, 4-note pins earned after 1st chenille letter. 3. earned by compiling at least 5 points of band activities outlined in handbook.

Band Fees noun, 1. fees charged for each Southview Band students for uniform maintenance and assessment, band camp, and any purchased goods (shirts, Dinkles, etc.)

Band Polo noun, 1. orange collared shirt with Southview Band emblem on left chest, part of warm weather uniform to be worn with band pants and Dinkles.

Band T-Shirt noun, 1. orange t-shirt with white Southview Band logo, to be worn as informal uniform, inclement weather, or basketball pep band.

Band Uniform Fitting noun, 1. process by which each band student is measured and sized for band uniforms and fees are assessed.

Band Website noun 1. electronically contains all information pertaining to the Southview Band Program. 2.

Concert Audition noun, 1. process of determining chair placement in one of two concert bands by individual performance. 2. consists of performance of major scales, prepared excerpts, and sight-reading.

Concert Band adj. 1. term used to describe the traditional "sit down" band that is not a marching band. noun, 1. formal name of one Southview’s two concert bands.

Contest noun, 1. adjudicated event for solo & ensembles or large group band. 2. performers play for adjudicators for comments and ratings. 3. OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) sponsored event.

Dinkles noun (plural), 1. white marching shoes worn by band members. 2. black marching shoes worn by flag line members.

Drumline noun, 1. term to describe marching band percussion section. 2. consists of snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum, and cymbal lines.

Fall Festival noun, 1. festival held in downtown Sylvania with merchants and a parade in mid-October. 2. required performance of Southview Band, dress is Halloween costumes.

Fundraising - noun/verb, Profits from fundraising goes to the band for equipment and instruments.  Profits of individual student fundraising

Handbook noun, 1. summary of Southview Band Program’s policies and procedures. 2. Southview Band course syllabus.

Jazz Band - noun, 1.  an after school course where graduation credit can be earned.  Consult the band handbook for additional information.

Memorial Day noun, 1. federal holiday observed the last Monday of May. 2. Southview Band performs in a parade and ceremonies in downtown Sylvania.  3.  Serves as the final "exam" for all band and auxiliary members.

Pay to Participate noun, 1. fee charged by Sylvania Schools for each student for participation in athletics, school activities, or clubs. 2. collected by Southview High School.

Pep Band - noun, 1. ensemble that performs at home basketball games (on marching band instruments); each band member is required to perform in at least four games as part of their 3rd quarter performance grade.. 2. any small ensemble consisting of band members performing on marching band instruments for special events.

Pre-Camp Rehearsal noun, 1. rehearsals held prior to band camp to begin teaching marching fundamentals and musicianship.

Report Time noun, 1. designated time when students are to be dressed and ready for a rehearsal or performance.

Sectional noun, 1. rehearsal consisting of individual sections. 2. any rehearsal held outside of the normal ensemble rehearsals. Examples: Drumline sectionals meet on Monday mornings from 9-11am throughout the summer. Symphonic and Concert Band sectionals are after school with a schedule that is posted by semester.

Squad Leader noun, 1. student leaders in the marching band setting in charge of reinforcing marching technique and communicating marching drill maneuvers.

Summer Band Rehearsal noun, 1. band rehearsals held twice a week following the return from band camp to continue work on material for first football performance and work ahead for future performances.

Symphonic Band noun, 1. formal name of one of Southview’s two concert bands.

Tag Day noun, 1. Southview Band’s largest annual fundraiser. 2. students canvas Sylvania area (specifically Southview district) collecting donations on behalf of the Southview Band Booster Association. 3. a required event for all band students.



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