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Important Plan Updates

As our updated down payment date approached, I reached out to the company to push it back again. Understandably, many families have not registered with concern to travel and losing any money they put forth as a down payment. Below is the updated payment schedule and additional information regarding late fees and, if necessary, refunds.

We are delaying the Down Payment/Registration date to
July 10, 2020.
The new payment schedule is as follows:

Payment Details Due Date Amount Due
Down payment/Registration
Non-refundable Deposit
July 10, 2020* $200.00 per participant
2nd Payment August 10, 2020* $200.00 per participant
3rd Payment September 10, 2020* $200.00 per participant
4th Payment October 10, 2020* $200.00 per participant
5th Payment November 10, 2020* $200.00 per participant
Final Payment February 11, 2021* Balance**

If the trip gets cancelled prior to December 28, 2020, all money paid, including the nonrefundable deposit, with be reimbursed.

* The final balance will be determined once the final number of trip participants has been confirmed.

Additional Information

The registration deadline date is set to encourage trip participants to register for the trip so directors can determine if a trip is viable and may proceed.  The deadline date also assists us in reserving an accurate number of hotel rooms and motor coaches needed for the group. If you are able, please register at your earliest convenience!

Trip participants may now make smaller payments in an amount of their choosing on dates convenient to them after the initial $200.00 deposit is made.

All late fees have been waived for the remainder of the calendar year.

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