Project Description

Hana ElSayed

Mrs. Andrews has chosen sophomore, Hana ElSayed, as this week’s Musician of the Week. Hana is a wonderful addition to our choir. She has been in choirs for four years through junior high and high school and took guitar lessons for seven years. She is also involved in Southview’s theater program. Hana has served as a run crew member for Cougar Review and The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon as well as the run crew head for Shrek the Musical. She was also the assistant director for All American Musical Disaster. Hana comes to class everyday with a great attitude, a wonderful work ethic, and stays focused through rehearsal. She is the kind of singer that could fill almost any role, and Mrs. Andrews uses that to the choir’s advantage, placing Hana to be a role model and set an example for other singers. Other students rely on her for accurate harmonies and to be a leader during sight reading practice. Hana is kind, open minded, and dedicated. She said, “I enjoy singing because it is a convenient way to relieve stress while also improving a skill. Choir forces that time in my schedule to give me new challenges to sing and to relax during the school day.”